Workplace Literacy - Employee Literacy is your business.


Productivity, innovation, customer service and competition all mean your employees need the literacy and numeracy skills to lift your business and deal with new work practices and technologies.
Employees who enhance their literacy and numeracy skills impact on many factors in the workplace:

  • Safer workplace
  • Fewer returned products
  • Improved quality processes
  • Better at solving problems
  • Improves teamwork
  • Better qualifications
You may not know that a problem exists... Literacy Aotearoa can make a difference.
Read ‘Employee Literacy is your business’ to find out more.


Literacy and employment

Currently in New Zealand, one in four adults have poor levels of literacy. 75% of unemployed adults have very low levels of literacy. There is a high correlation between unemployment and low levels of literacy. With your help we can turn that around, and help people. We are recognised by Industry Training Organisatons for the success we have in helping learners meet their goals.

We help students learn how to

  • Complete forms like job application and doctor’s forms
  • Prepare for the online  Driver License test
  • Be more involved in their child's schooling
  • Write a note to school, write a letter, read school newsletters, read for pleasure
  • Develop budget and banking skills
  • Use a computer
  • Succeed in other courses and exams
  • Prepare for entry into RNZ Police College, Armed forces and NZ Fire Service