Who We Are

About Adult Learning Franklin

Adult Learning Franklin is a charitable organisation that helps adults to become more confident with reading, writing, numeracy and technology. Our trained staff offer individually tailored tutoring in a safe and secure environment; classes are free to the learner. Our learners may go on to other tertiary education, get jobs or promotions, and help their whanau/family improve their lives.

What do we do?

We work with adults from all walks of life, who want to improve their literacy, language and maths skills .  All of our programmes are tailored to meet the learner's needs. With the help of trained volunteer tutors, learners work on issues and material that is relevant to them as individuals. 

We aim to provide a learning situation where the work done is based on the student's need and is relevant to their work and family life.  The tutors try to make learning enjoyable for the students and, more often than not, the students end up teaching the tutors a thing or two.

We usually operate in line with the school terms, however some students prefer to continue in the holidays. This is negotiated between the student and tutor.

If you think you could benefit from some help with your reading, writing or maths, or you know someone else who you think would benefit, please contact us.  Often the first step of making the phone call or sending the email is the hardest.  Once you have done this the fun begins.

We are based in Pukekohe, but we also have volunteer tutors available in other areas.